Note: Freeware products from Aronow Software LLC are provided "as-is" and are unsupported. You may report any defects you encounter, however there are no guarantees they will be corrected.  

ProxyLab is a free proxy interface which will allow Wealth-Lab Developer and Wealth-Lab Pro to access Yahoo data using the native Web Download feature. 

ProxyLab works by intercepting web download requests from Wealth-Lab and modifying the date format of historical quote data retrieved from Yahoo. 
This requires the Wealth-Lab proxy settings be changed so Wealth-Lab uses the proxy port which ProxyLab is configured to listen on (see the setup section below for more information).

Requirements: The Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 is required to run ProxyLab. 

Pricing: ProxyLab is free, but unsupported.  Aronow Software does not guarantee ProxyLab will work for all users, although we will attempt to fix any bugs found. 

If you find ProxyLab useful, please try our other products: Aronow Software LLC Products

Installation:  Download the ProxyLab installer by reading and agreeing to the terms below. Confirm agreement by clicking the "I Agree" button.

Once the download is complete, run the installation package, read and confirm the licensing terms, and the installer will complete the installation, and will place shortcuts to ProxyLab in the Start Menu and the Startup folders (this will launch ProxyLab with Windows startup -- ProxyLab will run in the background and wait for connections from Wealth-Lab). 

To direct Wealth-Lab to request data through ProxyLab, you must first alter the proxy settings in Wealth-Lab as shown:


ProxyLab supports chained proxy servers, so if you are behind a proxy server ProxyLab will use your Internet Explorer proxy settings to connect to the internet. 

By clicking the "I Agree" button below, you agree that ProxyLab is unsupported software, and that you will review and agree to all license termsbefore using ProxyLab.
If you do not agree to the license terms you must uninstall ProxyLab and may not use it.