p>VersionLab is a version management product for users of Fidelity Wealth-Lab Pro and Wealth-Lab Developer (versions 3.x and 4.x).

VersionLab Features:

  • Automatically capture Wealth-Lab script changes as you save them
  • View previous versions of scripts
  • Compare current and previous script versions
  • Easily restore a script to a prior version -- directly into the Wealth-Lab scripts database
  • Search for script changes made within a specified date range
  • View scripts with Wealth-Lab syntax highlighting   
  • Compare scripts and view differences side by side   

VersionLab™ Pricing

A full VersionLab™ license is $29. This includes technical support and any future product upgrades.
Click the button below to purchase a license for VersionLab™.

VersionLab™ Screenshots:

An archived version of a script can be copied to the clipboard, written to the Wealth-Lab backup file or restored directly to the Wealth-Lab database.

Two versions of an archived script can be compared, an archived version of a script can be compared to the current version in the Wealth-Lab database, or two scripts in the Wealth-Lab database can be compared.