Aronow Software LLC Wealth-Lab 4 Compatibility Library

The Aronow Software LLC Wealth-Lab 4 Compatibility Library is a product which will allow the execution of most Wealth-Lab 4.x based scripts directly in Wealth-Lab 5.0 without script conversion or editing of any code.  This will allow users to run existing scripts using the speed of Wealth-Lab 5.0 without having to convert the scripts to C#. 

Unsupported Wealth-Lab 4.x Functions

The following functions are not supported in the initial release.  Some may be added in later releases but due to design changes in Wealth-Lab 5.0, some may not be added. Note that scripts calling these functions will still compile and may also run, but the functions will not perform any functionality (most will return zero).

AccountExposure GetIntraDayBar NVI SetRiskStopLevel
AddCommentary GetMonthlyBar NVISeries SetShareCap
AddScanColumn GetPositionRiskStop OpenInterest SetShareFloor
AddScanColumnStr GetWeeklyBar PeakNum SetShareSize
AllowSymbolSearch HTDCPhase PeakNumSeries SetSlippage
AnalyzeSeries HTDCPhaseSeries PerfAddBreak SingleCalcMode
BOP HTInPhase PerfAddCurrency SortByEntryDate
BOPSeries HTInPhaseSeries PerfAddNumber SortByExitDate
BuyAndHold HTLeadSin PerfAddPct StartingCapital
CandidateCount HTLeadSinSeries PerfAddString SynchAll
Cash HTPeriod PVI SynchSeries
CashInterest HTPeriodSeries PVISeries TII
ChangeScale HTQuadrature RandG TIISeries
ClearIndicators HTQuadratureSeries RelSlope TotalCommission
CreateOleObject HTSin RelSlopeSeries TrendLineValue
DividendsPaid HTSinSeries SetColorScheme TroughNum
DrawDown HTTrendLine SetCommission TroughNumSeries
DrawDownPct HTTrendLineSeries SetOptimizeValue WatchListAddSymbol
DrawRoundRect Input SetPositionRiskStop WatchListClear
EnableNotes IWealthLabAddOn3 SetPositionSize WatchListDelete
EnableTradeNotes IWealthLabAuto SetPositionSizeFixed WatchListName
Equity LinearRegLine SetPositionSizePct WatchListRemoveSymbol
GetDailyBar MarginLoan SetPositionSizeShares WatchListSelect

All fundamental data functions from Wealth-Lab Pro are not supported in the initial release.  Also note commission functions are not supported.


Install the Wealth-Lab 4 Compatibility Library Demo using the installation package found at:
1.87 MB, Digitally Signed by Aronow Software LLC

Be sure to install to the Wealth-Lab 5.0 install folder (usually C:\Program Files\Fidelity Investments\Wealth-Lab Pro 5).  After the installation completes, run Wealth-Lab 5.0 (or re-start it).

The demo version provides full functionality but will only run with 500 bars or less.   You will also see periodic reminders/nags that this is a demo version.  The full version will not contain these limitations.


Browsing for a script

Wealth-Lab 5.0 will automatically detect a new strategy named Aronow Software LLC WL4 Compatibility Library (shown below). 


When this strategy is opened it will launch a dialog box to select the Wealth-Lab 4.x script.  Click on a script name to see the text for the script, then click "Run Script" to execute the script.   On some PCs you will be prompted to locate your Wealth-Lab database folder the first time you run a WL4 script using the library.  Contact technical support at for assistance with altering your registry to prevent this from occurring in the future. 


Running a script by name

The following Wealth-Lab 5.0 strategy will run any specified Wealth-Lab 4.x script.  Change the name of the script to the actual script you want to run, compile the strategy, and run it.  This mode must be used for running multi-symbol simulations (otherwise you will be prompted to select the script for every symbol in the simulation).




A full license for the Aronow Software LLC Wealth-Lab 4 Compatibility Library is $75.  Once you purchase a license you will be emailed a full version of the library with instructions how to install it. Each license entitles you to install the library on any number of PCs owned personally by you.  Each sale is final, so please utilize the demo to determine if this product will be useful to you.

Note: if you do not receive an email from Aronow Software LLC within one business day after your purchase please check your spam filters/junk mail folders and contact us (if our email to you is blocked we will have no way of knowing you did not receive it). 

  • Not every script from Wealth-Lab 4.x will run using this library.  For help with a specific script you may send the script to  All scripts will be kept confidential.  Before sending a script you may also request a nondisclosure agreement to be completed between you and Aronow Software LLC. 
  • This product will likely be enhanced in the future, so check back for updates.  If you have a specific feature request please email