VersionLab™ Manual

  1. System Requirements
  2. Obtaining VersionLab™
  3. Installation
  4. Upgrade
  5. Initial Setup
  6. Daily Monitoring
  7. VersionLab™ Usage
  8. VersionLab™ Comparison Tool
  9. Demo Limitations
  10. VersionLab™ Purchase
  11. Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Acknowledgements
  13. Copyrights
  14. Version History

System Requirements

VersionLab™ requires Windows XP and the Microsoft.Net Framework version 2.0 and either Wealth-Lab Developer or Wealth-Lab Pro.  You can download the .net framework from the following website (be sure to download the version 2.0 redistributable):

Obtaining VersionLab™

VersionLab™ can be downloaded from the following link:


VersionLab™ is installed via an automated installation process.  Once the installation package completes VersionLab™ will be fully installed. During the installation process you must agree to the licensing agreement before you can install VersionLab™. Please read the license agreement before agreeing to it.


Follow these steps to upgrade an existing installation of VersionLab™:

  1. Close all running copies of VersionLab™.  This includes the VersionLab™ monitoring tool (VersionLabMonitor.exe) which can be closed by right-clicking on the VersionLab™ icon in the system tray and choosing Exit.  If you do not close these programs the upgrade installation will still run but you will need to reboot for the upgrade installation to complete. 
  2. Run the upgrade installation file obtained from the download link above.
  3. The upgrade installation package should automatically uninstall earlier versions of VersionLab™ and install the upgrade.  In some rare instances the upgrade installation package will not be able to uninstall the earlier version and will prompt that you will need to use the Add/Remove Programs feature in the Control Panel.  If you encounter this message follow these instructions:

    1. Open the Add/Remove Programs applet in the windows control panel
    2. Choose VersionLab™ from the list of programs from the list of programs
    3. Click the Remove button
    4. Choose Yes when asked if you are sure you want to remove VersionLab
    5. Follow the Installation instructions above

Initial Setup

Registration Key

VersionLab™ defaults to demo mode.  The demo mode does not have a time limit but is subject to demo limitations (see below: Demo Limitations).   If you use the demo and decide to purchase VersionLab™, submit your purchase via the automated Paypal system, then email you receipt to along with your Wealth-Lab machine key (found in Wealth-Lab on the Help menu under "View Machine Key"). 

Wealth-Lab Backup Folder

Once your key has been entered VersionLab™ will start and will attempt to auto-detect your Wealth-Lab backup folder, then launch the VersionLab™ options form (if this form does not launch you can manually launch it by opening the Tools Menu and choosing Options, then selecting the Monitored Folders tab) to verify the backup folder was auto-detected correctly. 

Wealth-Lab Developer's backup folder will be a sub-folder of the installation folder, such as "C:\Program Files\Wealth-Lab, Inc\Wealth-Lab Developer 3.0\Database\Backup". 

Wealth-Lab Pro's backup folder will either be under the installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Fidelity Investments\Wealth-Lab Pro) or for version 4.3 or higher may be found in the Application Data folder of your Documents and Settings folder (for example C:\Documents and Settings\MYUSERNAME\Application Data\Fidelity Wealth-Lab Pro\Database\Backup). 

If you cannot find the backup folder, be sure you've run a backup in Wealth-Lab (from the File Menu select Backup), then do a file search for the file "TradingSystems.DAT".  You will see two copies of this file, one in the main Wealth-Lab database folder, the other in the backup folder (the backup folder will be named Backup and will be a sub-folder of the Database folder).

Click Tools and choose Options

Verify Wealth-Lab backup folder

Once you have verified the Monitored Folder(s), save your new settings by clicking the Save Settings button.

Wealth-Lab Backup and Post-Backup Capture

Next, run a full backup from Wealth-Lab (from the File menu select "Backup") if you didn't do this earlier in the setup (or if you've used Wealth-Lab since your last backup).  When the backup is complete, close Wealth-Lab and re-open VersionLab™.  From the Tools menu, choose "Post-Backup Capture".  VersionLab™ will then take a snapshot of all existing Wealth-Lab scripts which will be used as a baseline going forward.  This process takes anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on the number of scripts you have, the speed of your machine, etc., but is a one-time process. 

Enable AutoBackup of Chartscripts

In Wealth-Lab, open the Options dialog (F12) and check the option "Enable AutoBackup" as shown below.  If this option is not selected, VersionLab™ will not be able to monitor changes to your scripts.


Daily Monitoring

VersionLab™'s monitoring tool (VersionLabMonitor.exe) is a lightweight application that will run in your system tray and capture script changes in the background as they occur.  For best results a shortcut to VersionLabMonitor.exe should be placed in your Windows startup folder. 

VersionLabMonitor Options

Enter your desired settings here, then click "Save Settings":


VersionLab™ Usage

Searching for Scripts

VersionLab™ stores each chartscript change as it occurs under the chartscript's name and the current datetime.  To retrieve an earlier version of a script stored in VersionLab™, enter part of the name or the full name of the chartscript exactly as it appears in Wealth-Lab (note that if your script uses special characters in the name, such as a slash or question mark you may need to search using just part of the name).  Optionally you may choose the date range to search as well by checking the start and/or end date boxes and selecting the start and end date to search for.  If start/end dates are selected VersionLab™ will only retrieve scripts modified during that time period that match the name you entered. 

Search Results

After you click the Search button the results will return and are loaded into the list.  Each script returned can be expanded to show all versions of the script that are stored.  Click on a timestamp to view the script stored on that date. 


Restoring earlier versions of scripts

 To restore the script to any prior version, select the desired version of the script on the list (which will load it into the viewer) and then use the Script menu to restore as is shown below.  





VersionLab™ Comparison Tool

The VersionLab™ Comparison Tool can be used to compare two different scripts, or two versions of the same script (or two identical scripts!).  Choose Compare Scripts from the Tools menu to open the comparison tool.

Comparison Options


Comparison Usage

The comparison tool is divided into two identical sides, each of which can load a script for comparison.  On each side you can:

Once a script is selected, click the Load button to load the script to that side of the window.  If you have AutoComplete enabled and are typing the name of the script you want, hit Enter to load the script once you have found.  Then choose a second script on the other side to compare to the first script. 

Demo Limitations

The demo version of VersionLab™ contains limited functionality.  Script version capture is fully functional, however the following limits apply:

Once the demo version has been upgraded to the full version (by applying the full license key as shown below) the full version will have access to all features, and will contain the scripts captured during the demo period.  The demo period has no time limit.




VersionLab™ Purchase

VersionLab™ can be purchased through PayPal by clicking on the button below. The purchase price of $29.00 USD includes technical support and free upgrades to future releases of VersionLab™.

Frequently Asked Questions


Special thanks to WL Systems, Inc. for their wonderful Wealth-Lab product.  Thanks also to Cone for his assistance and Aleksey for creating the Scripts.dll tool. 

Extra special thanks to Sam Sternlight for his testing and implementation suggestions.


VersionLab™ Copyright © Aronow Software. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.

Version History

Feb. 14, 2007 Initial Release of VersionLab™
Mar. 8, 2007 VersionLab™ 2.0 released
Changes include:
  • Wealth-Lab syntax highlighting implemented
  • comparison tool now implements difference highlighting
  • comparison tool scrolling is now synchronized
  • comparison tool script selection enhanced to allow multiple methods of finding a script to load